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No Broker Control

Brokers cannot manipulate your accounts or balances as your interactions are anonymous!

Instant Execution

Your inputs are immediately executed at the most applicable end-point with sub-second latency!

About Us

At the beginning of the internet gambling boom in the late 90's, Panama was the top country for the sports betting websites, but it was quickly pushed aside by the ever-increasing number of Costa Rica based sportsbooks. The gambling laws in Costa Rica, which allowed the sportsbooks to get a license, pay taxes and operate freely in the country, made Costa Rica haven for the betting sites. Even today, decades later Costa Rica still has the highest number of online sportsbooks in the world.

We carved out a niche in this space years ago using our relationships with 100’s of sports books and sports betting technology companies to build a proxy service that allows players from anywhere in the world with our API and their technology provider to have wagers placed before the lines moves thus making all players sharp sports bettors without the risk of being limited or banned from any sportsbook.

CoverBetting recognizes that you expect your financial transactions and personal activities to be strictly private and that they must be held in the strictest confidence, which is why CoverBetting implements the highest security standards in the industry for your privacy and confidentiality. Under no circumstances will CoverBetting disclose, trade, or sell client information to any government agencies or third parties, and your account information and financial information at CoverBetting is encrypted using the most recent, state-of-the-art technology and protected by multiple levels of information security designed to prevent access and misuse of sensitive information. No matter how high your profile is in business, politics, entertainment, or any other industry: all of your account details and activity at CoverBetting are secure and completely confidential.

Your funds are completely safe as we only have our API set up with licensed sportsbooks and all transaction happen on the servers in Costa Rica giving you decades of safe sports betting. Once your bitcoin is deposited and clears a sportsbook you will get a API key that allows you to track all your bets each day with your technology provider.

How to Participate

Step 1: Create your CoverBet account. No identifying information is ever collected, keeping your data 100% safe and private.

Step 2: Deposit via Bitcoin.

Step 3: Connect your input relay that submits Speculation Action Parameters for Sports (SPAS)

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does CoverBet relay work?

    We are an anonymous relay connected to multiple accounts across tens of sportsbooks. When a bet is pushed via our API, we replicate it in small partials across the only sportsbooks where the exact line and odds parameters are available.

  • The sportsbooks have no way to track down the exact users (you) benefiting from these wins and therefore your balances and winnings are safe.

    This means more wins as you always get the line you take (or the replication does not happen), and you never have to worry about registering and managing your account at a sportsbook either. So there never any risk of your account being terminated.

  • Simple - just create your account and submit your chosen balance amount via BTC. Then create an API key and connect to your chosen service to begin making bets.

  • You need to work with a service that is connected to our API. To avoid conflict of interest and to avoid tracking of our users we don't disclose the services that have API integration with us.

  • You never withdraw from a sportsbook. You can see a running total of your balance inside Coverbet and can withdraw the balance amount anytime via BTC. This 'fragmented distribution' makes it impossible for the sportsbook to trace the players and thus protects you from unscrupulous providers.

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