Withdrawal Process


When users make a withdraw a security email goes out on the 2nd business day confirming the information below and once the reply is received you are added to the cue for payouts in the order received.

You are receiving this email because we received a withdrawal request for your account in the amount of USD $5000 to be sent to this wallet address:

Please read ALL options before submitting your response. If the information is correct simply reply "Send withdrawal".

If you are taking a withdrawal to move funds over to your deposit account, to increase bet size and want it to be done without having funds leave the Sportsbooks, reply "Move funds" internally only.

If you need to make a change to this withdrawal reply "Cancel Withdrawal" and go back to your account and start a new request.

If you did not request this withdrawal reply "Did not request" We will flag the account and refer it to the security team.